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"Lubbock Dental has excellent dentists (DDS) who make you feel at ease. I recommended them to my family and friends, and they`re happy with their visit."

Bernadette, Lubbock

We chose Lubbock Dental because we want the best oral care for our family. They have various dental services that patients can choose from. Their oral professionals are amazing. Shirley, Lubbock TX

Broadview Testimonials

My teeth are whiter and healthier! Thanks to my orthodontist (DDS) at Lubbock Dental. Their clinichas top-notch facilities, exquisite cosmetic dentistry and oral care that is budget-friendly. Rica, Broadview TX
Lubbock Dental rocks! I`ve got better dentures. My dentist (DDS) is really cool and so are his dentistry skills. Carl, Broadview TX
We heard about the scheduled lecture of LD (Broadview) on prevention program here in Broadview. We immediately signed up to learn more from the dental experts. Their dentists (DDS Texas) are highly commendable, and we know that we`re in good hands. Henry, Broadview TX
"I had a wonderful visit at Lubbock Dental. The staff and the dentists (DDS Texas) were friendly and professional. They know how to make their patients feel good." Vicky, Broadview TX
Their team is like a family, and their professionals have amazing dentistry skills. Even my friend in Carlisle agrees because she had her dentures made in their clinic. The result was really good. Luz, Broadview TX
I will surely recommend the clinic in Lubbock to my friends here in Broadview. Their dentist (DDS Texas) and other oral professionals have good dentistry skills. Hazel, Broadview TX
I highly recommend their office to my friends in Carlisle because they have a friendly staff and dedicated professionals with great dentistry skills. They listen to their patients and understand their needs. Amanda, Broadview TX
The best dentist I`ve ever met! He`s very understanding with his patients and gives quality dentistry skills. What more can I ask? Christine Broadview TX

Carlisle Testimonials

Lubbock Dental has state-of-the-art facilities in their dental clinic, the best dental treatment, and superb dentists (DDS Texas). I have a friend in Broadview whose gum disease was treated by their amazing dentist (DDS Texas). He did an excellent job! Pete, Carlisle TX
"One of the best clinics I have been to, LD (Carlisle) is modern and highly recommended, and the dentistry skills of their professionals are exemplary!" Rene, Carlisle TX
I find it convenient going to Lubbock Dental even though I`m from Carlisle because I feel at home and comfortable. They have the best facilities and equipment and a really nice dentist (DDS Texas) and endodontist (DDS Texas) who are dedicated and willing to help their patients with their oral problem. Carole, Carlisle TX
I met a wonderful dentist (DDS Texas) and I am very pleased with the result of the root canal treatment he gave me. He`s got great dentistry skills! Ivan, Carlisle Texas
The pediatric and cosmetic dentistry at Lubbock are well known here in Carlisle. I`m happy that I`ve got a dentist (DDS) there whose dentistry skills are effective to patients like me who has phobia on oral treatments Rachel, Carlisle Texas
I saw how professional and patient the team is. My dentist was great! You will surely trust them. They know  what is best for you when it comes to oral health. Wonderful dentistry! Brad, Carlisle Texas
Two thumbs up for the painless root canal treatment I got. They offer affordable oral procedures under their skilled dentistry! Ashley, Carlisle Texas